An Introduction

Life has had a meander so far; the last decade has taken in a degree in Illustration, a few years working in the children’s books publishing industry, making art, making food and designing gardens, amongst other things.  Moving to Sheffield in 2012 was a big change – starting a MA in Landscape Architecture which gave form and direction to interests and passions that had never really before had an outlet.

I now find myself in the first few months of a PhD in the Landscape Department at the University of Sheffield looking at the forester and environmentalist Richard St. Barbe Baker.  This research led on from my MA dissertation on his work as it provided the perfect opportunity for me to explore the values and spirituality that underpin the sense of vocation to do right by the world around us.

The whole process has proved to be highly reflective and the motivation to starting this blog is to have a broader platform to record and reflect upon the issues connected with my life and research, separate to my thesis.  An integral part of Richard St. Barbe Baker’s appeal was his ability to transcend the boundaries that divide science and forestry from the wider public, and in doing so sought to bring about a culture where the importance of trees and forests was firmly placed in the wider consciousness.

So, there will be records of journeys, photographs, drawings, quotes, musings and other things to fill this little corner of cyber space.  Most of it will be about trees, in some way or another, but there may be some other tangents… I hope you enjoy.


Author: Camilla Allen

PhD Student researching the life and legacy of the forester and environmentalist Richard St. Barbe Baker, founder of the Men of the Trees.

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